My Family

fa fa,,

I’ve been married for over 29 years and we have 3 amazing grown up kids. Our son is in the Army National Guard and working towards a career flying helicopters. Our middle daughter just accepted a great job with the University of Florida and moved 13 hours away. The baby of our brood got married in 2017 and has moved into her dream farmhouse with her engineer hubby!

Everyone is doing just what we raised them to do….LIVE THEIR DANGED LIVES!

I’m good. I’m fine.

Okay, I miss them and think of them all throughout my day. The great thing is that I don’t have to look back with sadness. I did all the things. I invested all the time, taught all the lessons and prayed all the prayers. They are amazing human beings.

My new role?

To continue being their mother. Pray for them, listen to them and help them WHEN THEY ASK.

The relationship is sweet. I can love them without smothering them Beverly Goldberg style!

My hubby and I live in Bozeman, Montana and love it! Wondering what took us so long to move to the mountains!