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I’m No Fun

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

I’ve got a new attitude! I told my hubby last night that he’s a fun dad and I’m, well…..not always a fun mom. Gasp! It’s true!

Mom’s just don’t think like dad’s. We’re….practical, logical and always looking for the “safe” way of getting through life. Dad’s? Not so much. They have a little boy inside of them that allows them the freedom to throw caution to the wind (in many instances) when it comes to certain decisions.

You know…. MAN BRAIN —>

Cake for breakfast? That works. It has eggs, milk and other “healthy” ingredients. Ok, go for it, kids!

Sleep in your clothes? Sure. What’s it going to hurt?

Jump off the roof into the pool? Of course! Let’s go!

Camp out in the TREE HOUSE? Yes, yes, yes!

Women never think like that (at least, none that I know do).


They can’t eat cake for breakfast!! It’s all sugar! They need something of substance!

No, they can’t sleep in the clothes they’ve been wearing all day. I just put clean sheets on their beds!

OMG! Jump off the roof? NO, NEVER, NOT OVER MY DEAD BODY!

Are you kidding me? Sleep up in that high tree house? Someone will roll out! No, forget it!

And…..I drop the microphone!

See the difference?

Mom’s are on the job when it comes to keeping everyone safe and alive another day. It’s like God knights us with extra safety powers and as long as we are “mothering” we have that power.

Case in point:

Gavin, our 25 (in 9 days) year old son. He’s been “vehicle” shopping. His little BMW sports car just will not cut it down in Texas on a big working ranch. Cowboy ranch/hunting club + sports car? Not a good combo. As a mom, I felt certain that what he needed was a good truck. Something big and solid that he could haul whatever he wanted and that would be S A F E !

What does he want?

A jeep!

Not even a more practical one with 4 doors. The small sporty one that all guys want to play in. Yea, I shot that idea D O W N ! Because, I’m not the fun mom, remember?

After arguing his point and reminding me he can afford it, I took my case to his dad. He listened to me, agreed with much of my thinking but then he said, “He’s 24 years old! Why does he need a practical car?”.

Huh? WHAAAAAAAT? Who are you? Aren’t you the dad? SAY NO! You’re the leader of our household, dangit!

So, I let it go. I threw my hands in the air and told myself (because I’m rational) he’ll find something else and forget the stupid jeep idea. If I’m just patient and willing to let God take care of it, it’ll work out.

There are times in a mother’s life that she has to let go. Honestly, it’s a never-ending job. I’ve found that you don’t just LET GO once, it’s over & over & over. Different situations call for different kinds of letting go. If you’ve not experienced this yet, just wait. You will.

During my let it go period, I started to think of all the reasons my hubby was right. It’s his money, it’s his 25 year old body that has to bounce around in a dude jeep every day and ultimately, it’s his decision. Who am I to be a wet blanket?


Guess WHO wants a jeep now?

Yea, old wet blanket!!