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Sew Sorry

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Pardon me while I totally melt down and flip out!  I've just gotten a phone call from the seamstress that "agreed" to alter my youngest daughter's prom dress.  In our original meeting, she told me that the cost would be around $60 to hem the bottom and take in the top.  She also mentioned that this was a very expensive dress and that the work would not be easy.  Also, that she guaranteed everything she worked on and that she's never ever had to replace anything in her 28+ years of doing this job.

It is her business!  

She has a cute little shop downtown and pays rent to run her sewing business there.  Her cost was normal.  To me, it was a little high.  I was willing to pay it because this is a very expensive dress and I don't want it to look like I did the work! hehe!  So, I was totally on board with whatever her demands were.  Understand?

Until today when I checked my phone and saw she was trying to reach me.  I called her back and she very politely backed out of the whole deal.  After thinking about it, she felt the dress was just too much.  It would take her several more hours to work on (thanks to that very nice fabric) and that the price she had initially quoted me was going to be way off.  Meaning, it would cost more like double to alter it!



Not good news on a morning when the hormones are amped up to the max!  I woke up feeling like a truck ran over me and my head is pounding!  This just makes the whole ordeal a DOUBLE WHAMMY!!!


So, back to square one.  Searching for a new seamstress.  On a good note?  The quitter seamstress did say that this was a very special dress and that NO ONE WOULD HAVE ANYTHING LIKE IT!!


Who wants to look like everybody else?   🙂


[That’s why we search the world over and order online!]

—I can't wait to post a picture!—  It's an Adrianna Papell and IT IS GORGEOUS!!