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We’ve gone Ebay

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Oh the joy! It’s been exciting here. We’ve been working on selling some “treasures” on Ebay. We have a gazillion dollars worth of American Girl Doll paraphernalia around here. Nobody seems to care about it anymore. It was absolutely loved and cherished several years back. But something happens to those feelings during puberty. They either get more sappy sentimental or fall into the “who cares” category. For my girls, it was a mixture. They still love the stuff….but don’t feel like hanging on to it. They’d rather have money! 🙂

Ally has worked so hard in putting everything on to sell. She is quite the marketing kind of gal. She will definitely be a money-maker lady someday. She has a great gift. I hope she reaps the reward she’s hoping for and more. This will be her school clothes money for this year. It’s come to that. Finances are tight……no…..squeeky screamy tight! We have to be creative or do without! I know God will bless. He always does!

Doing this little selling project has inspired me. I’m looking around my house for something to put up for sale myself. Goodness knows, I have enough useless stuff laying around here. I’ll let you know if I do it and if I make any money to get excited about. Before I go, here’s a shot of something she’s offering on her list. It is so cute!

Meet Angelina Ballerina and her kit of goodies! Still in original boxes and in fantastic shape.

This here’s the only hesitation item! It’s Coconut……and Ally absolutely loves him to death. She prays he doesn’t sell!

If you’re out in the world of Ebay and interested in her loot….here’s her id# 6906Don.