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The List

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

It’s that time again…..Scholarship announcements. Two years ago I felt pretty sorry for myself my son when his name wasn’t on the list. It stung worse than I can describe. He worked hard all through HS and yet here was this list full of names…..but not his! I’ll be honest, I was TICKED!!!

It took a while for me to move on. Don’t get me wrong, I was proud of all who won college money. But, it appeared that the same few students won everything. Come on, share the love. The part that made me feel so frustrated was that he was #21 out of 460+ kids! Uhhm, really? The message he and many like him received is work hard all through HS and do your best but don’t hope for any recognition for it.

He was just like everyone else who walked the halls even though he took all AP classes and College Bound Honors. Very sad.

Today the 2011 scholarship list has been placed in the window for the whole school to see. Once again, disappointment! Just like with Gavin, I felt that sting of sadness. But, she’s not the only one left off the list. I noticed several of her very deserving friends weren’t listed as well. Still, it’s hard to swallow.

As I came back to my classroom with my head hung low….I thought about how God had taken care of Gavin and his college needs. He’s wasn’t caught off guard by this news. He’s known all along that Ally wouldn’t get any local scholarship funds. It’s just shocking to me and will be to her. 🙁

I opened my desk drawer and noticed a sticky note pushed way back. God pretty much hand delivered it to me. {Thank you Lord}

Amen to that!

God has a plan. I don’t want anything that He doesn’t deem mine (or theirs). Do you?