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Yo Yo-ga Girl

Friday, August 7th, 2015

I admit it, I’m a real snob. Not the high fallutin’ rich girl kind but the holier than thou clothing choice kind.

I can’t help it.

pant dressing

Ladies, why are you wearing work-out stuff as your “clothes”? (I know, I’ve blogged about this before)

Your message …. is what? You are a work-out machine? You are always just coming from a great Yoga class? You’re a fit fanatic? You can’t afford jeans or cute shorts? You love showing off that booty and more?

What? What is it?

Yesterday, I was at a meeting for subs at my school board office. The group was full of guest teachers, many were dressed like they were there for work (what I would consider appropriate) and then there were the ever faithful constant “exercisers”.


Is it so hard to dress like this —>

pants yes

or this —>

pants scarf

Really? I’m sure the work-out gear is comfy. I would even bet that you spent actual money to buy what you’re wearing with actual dollhairs. But why? Why use them as your clothes?

Put those yoga pants and work-out bra/t-back tank tops away! For heavens sakes!

Dress appropriately for the events in your life that take just a tiny bit of effort. People, whether you believe it or not are judging you for the way you represent yourself. Do you want to be taken seriously? Or do you want to be thought of as the chick coming from spin class?

It’s not expensive (I know how much work-out gear costs) to wear an outfit that isn’t exercise friendly.

pants no more

I have good news for you gals addicted to your yoga pants. You can kick it up a notch with DRESS YOGA PANTS!!!

They are a real thing. LOOK!

straight leg dress yoga

So, if you just can’t tear yourself from the comfy feel of your yoga’s….here ya go. Dress it up! Be proud. These might make me eat my yoga pants words. 😉

In good humor but with some pretty solid fashion advice, this chart holds the answers that each of us could use when picking out an “outfit” for the world to see us in.

You are welcome.


Happy Friday!!! Last weekend of my summer has arrived. I plan to live. it. up.