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Good Hair Day

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

If you’ve bumped into me lately (sometime in the last 8 years) you can attest to the fact that my hair looks awful. Somehow, in the grand scheme of Mother Nature’s blessing…I inherited moody hair. Yea, like hormonal crazy straw blek!

Everyday is a bad hair day. I loathe it!

By the way, have you ever took a gander at either of my daughters? They have amazing hair! They are pretty much known by their signature curly long locks! Both of them stick out like a sore thumb no matter where we go. People stop them and comment on their beautiful hair.

Yea, they’re my biological children. I promise!

Recently, I’ve been doing a little “grow out”. I haven’t had a haircut in months. I’m determined to let it grow. So far–so good! It’s getting long and I really like it.

The problem? It won’t style!

I shampoo, blowdry, hotroll, and then I even spruce up with a flat iron. All that results in…..frizzy or flat gack! I look as if I rode with my head out the window. Just crazy! Did you happen to notice my hair in my beach pictures? Total frizzball, the entire trip. 🙁

Last week I bought a new HAIR DEVICE!! I can’t tell you how much I’ve spent trying to get my hair to do something. I purchased a new large barrel curling iron. I blew spent $26 on it (simply as an experiment)!


Because for today…..I just received the sweetest compliment! “Mrs. Galloway, Your hair is so pretty!”.