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Artsy Girl

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Ally’s always been the kid that didn’t need a lot of toys. What she really wanted was art supplies. When she was little, my hubby made her a real wooden easel for painting. She loved it! One of her favorite things are Sharpie markers. If she has a “canvas” and some markers….girlfriend is in create mode!

A few weeks back, she picked up a pair of the little white tennis shoes from Walmart and created a custom shoe for her sister. Then her friends saw them and had to have a pair….and that began the latest crafty craze. I’m not sure how many pairs of shoes she’s actually designed since then, but everyone she knows has them. 🙂

I think she’s pretty talented. Everywhere they go with them on….someone asks about them. Here are some that she did for herself and Gates. Now, if she could only get paid to be artsy tartsy…..she’d be thrilled!

Hey, Martha started at home too…right?