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31 Days To A Positive Attitude

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Have you ever thought about improving yourself? Oh, I bet you've probably wanted to lose a little weight or tried a new hair-do…but what about your attitude?  Have you ever really thought about investing in some personality self-improvement?  If you're anything like me, then you've probably experienced some disappointment that directly resulted from your attitude.  It can make a person feel miserable (at least me, anyways) and if we're being honest here, it can really make the people around us feel miserable.

As much as I hate saying it, I will — I don't want to be that girl, the one with the rotten attitude.  But sometimes, I am!

Did you know that having a positive attitude can actually improve your health, emotions, relationships  career & even finances?  It's true, it can!  Over the next 31 days, I'm challenging you (AND ME) with tips, helps and downright must do ideas to have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!  I'm probably the last person on earth who should be handing out attitude advice…but when the Lord says, "Do it!"  I'm doing it!

So, buckle up bloggy friends and pray for me as I move forward this whole month of October writing solely about attitudes.  You can bet your sweet biffy, there will be challenges along the way.  The devil will be seeking me out, specifically firing his negative darts right towards me and my own attitude.

My prayer is that someone (anyone) will make the change in attitude that's stopping them from living a life that is full of joy & peace.  I'm planning on being honest with you because that's all I've got and hiding behind a blog will not help either of us.  So some of my posts may be a window into attitude weaknesses that I'm not so proud of.  What I'm saying is…I'm dying to self here.  A positive attitude at the end of 31 days will be totally worth it!


What is 31 days?  Go HERE and find out.  I'll be joining The Nester and a ton of other cool bloggers by linking up everyday and spilling out my attitude mojo goodness.  You're sure to find something there to challenge you and teach you something new.