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You Don’t Deserve It

Friday, July 6th, 2018

I cannot wrap my brain around the part of our society that DEMANDS all reward and compensation be given to them. For doing nothing, just free.

I do not have a single thing in my life that I did not have to earn.

Nothing worth having is ever valuable to you if someone just hands it to you. Each of us have a responsibility to care for ourselves, help others we see in need and to honor God with our lives while doing both.

Look, I’m not talking down on any person who CANNOT physically work or help themselves. Please hear me with love on this, my husband hasn’t had a job in 2 years! Never did we turn to government assistance in all that time. We nearly lost everything we own because there was ZERO money coming in. Still, we pushed on and worked here & there just to make it. Taking jobs that were often out of comfort zones.

I cannot accept garbage posts on social media ranting about the atrocity of unfairness for subjects such as NOT PAYING FOR government EMPLOYEES TAMPONS. Really? No one I’ve ever worked for has ever GIVEN me any of my feminine hygiene products for free. Ever.

Who can honestly take this kind of outrage seriously?

Please. Tell me.

I’m listening.