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Big Hair

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Did you see the CMA’s on tv last night? They were great! I especially loved the skit Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood & Eric Stonestreet (famous for his role in Modern Family) sang– poking fun at Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber. It was a cute little ditty about their inability to commit to long lasting relationships! Go figure. It’s worth the watching. I’ll link it up for ya!

CMA Spoof

The awards seemed to flow for The Band Perry (and who can blame them)…they are so awesome. I never get tired of hearing their song “If I Die Young”. It’s beautiful, like their simple clean sound. Very pure….like my other favorite gal, Alison Krauss {I LOVE HER !!}.

What really impressed me about the show? The big hair, ya’ll! I am so totally a fan of big hair. I love it! Faith Hill had it go-ing o-on! She was gorgeous, as always. But the hair was exceptionally amazing.

So, in honor of my other big haired friends….I somehow managed to pouf it up bigtime today!

Whatta ya think?

I swear (and I know it’s not nice to say that) I did not try to compete with my CMA friends. It’s a wicked game of Russian Roulette every single morning when I “do” my hair. Don’t worry….it’ll fall before I get to my 3rd block class.

Maybe I need to call Faith and ask how to keep the “look”. 😉