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I Miss Batman

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

My boy isn't a boy anymore!  He hasn't been for a while.  But I like to imagine that he's still a young buck frolicking around and pretending to be a super hero or Batman Cowboy!


Who cares about dirty faces?  Not me, that's just a sign of someone who's having fun!

Nobody needs to tell me how fast time flies….I've had a front seat view of his life.  I'm the one that's cooked most of his meals, washed his clothes/dirtyface/body and laughed til my stomach ached at his funny shenanigans!

I've also been privy to watch him grow in Jesus.  I'm thankful to say that at this stage of his life he loves HIM even more than he did back then.

{Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child and when he is old, he will not depart from it.}

It's funny how a person is pretty much who they're going to be by the time they start school.  This cute little face wearing a pretty Polo shirt is the same fellow that loves Polo today.

(SON) Instead of buying that Ducati you're dreaming of…why not stick to something closer to this?  Who needs all that speed when you can still be cool cruising the beach on a pizza catching scoot?


H A P P Y – B I R T H D A Y – G A V I N  !!

I love you.  I love who you are and all that you're becoming.  God has blessed our family with you and each of us are so proud of you.  I hope 22 treats you amazing!  Just like you!

I hope you never lose your super powers!