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Blog Hop 09 Party!

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009


I’m all about a party! Who doesn’t know that about me? Huh? Nobody that’s who! Last year when I started blogging (OH MY GOSH! IT’S BEEN A YEAR!! T O D A Y!!!) and hopping around in the blogosphere….everywhere I turned, someone was talking about BlogHer 08 conference. It seemed so exciting! I fantasized about being a part of it someday. Still do. Maybe one of these summer’s!?!

Anywho, Robin over at Pensieve has come up with a handy little party idea. Everyone that loves to blog but can’t be cool enough to partycipate at BlogHer 09 can still live it up with fellow bloggers at a Blog Hop! Pretty brilliant, huh? I know, I’m psyched! Oh, and there will even be prizes, ya’ll! Can I get a yahoo? Oh yea!

Thanks, Robin! I’m so excited to participate with the many fantastic bloggers that I know will be there. I hope to make many new friends!
See ya tonight!

I gotta go! It’s my blogaversary! I’ve got to get something spiffy up here! Yay me!

Join me friends! It’s going to be fun! Be sure to read the instructions to play along over at Robin’s post.