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Friday, July 13th, 2012

It's no secret, I like being a mom. There are so many reasons why….it's challenging, rewarding and just downright fun! Plus, you get to spend all your young energetic years raising these punks who turn into these really crazy amazing people someday. It's awesome!

Even if you make some mistakes along the way.

I knew having a son was extra special (not saying my girls are a bore) from the moment I found out I was pregnant with my sweetboy. Everyday since then, he's managed to keep me on my toes in some way or another.

It's not uncommon to hear me saying, ", don't do that!" And yes, he is a 22 year old adult. Testosterone. It's a powerful thing! If you're a mama of any boys…you know what I mean. They have a certain way of doing things and we girls, well…we don't usually do it like them.

Guys tend to be impulsive, experimental & curious! Oh and tons of fun! If you haven't noticed, husbands are just grown up sons. They are a sneak peak into what you're life would look like with boys (for those of you with girls only). 

So, I thought I'd share some of my NO NO NOOOOOO moments from this last week with my guys. Surely, you'll find them funny challenging endearing OK, you'll crank up your prayers for me! 

Scene 1– Gavin comes in and asks his dad (who shaves his own head) if he'll buzz his hair off with the clippers. Ever the helpful one, my hubby grabs his clippers. Outside they go and I hear the buzzing & giggling (yes, they joke around and laugh about everything). 

So, I snapped a couple pictures to capture the moment. (I realize..this is not necessary!) They decide that I deserve to be "messed with". Which I should've mentioned is common guy behavior when it comes to girls. Especially moms. They love picking on moms!


I went back to cleaning my kitchen, when the door opened up and I hear my hubsand ask him to have MOM CHECK IT to make sure he didn't miss any spots. I think he looks fine and then he turns his head…..Uhhh, wait a minute. "You missed a big streak!"


Then he turns his head the other way…and my mouth drops open. "Huh, what? How did you not see this huge spot?". They laugh and I do what I always do–say, Nooooooooo! Fix that!


Guys. They are pranksters! In almost every opportunity they are given.

Scene 2– The old hot tub lid. Remember, we replaced it with our own white trash version of a lid. It's still working! Something had to be done to get rid of the old one. It was so heavy and full of water that Governor Ahhhnold couldn't have moved it and it was in our back yard. Key word: NOT IN THE GARBAGE! But my guys have a plan.

I call it the CHOP & HALL!


He chopped it, to death!  He literally went all "ain't never met a thing I can't chop in half" on it.  Which worked, since they could then do this—>


Buhbye, old smelly wet heavy ugly hot tub lid!

Scene 3– I've been up early every single morning since school let out (thank you summer school 2012) and this morning I baked some muffins and kissed the girls goodbye and laid back down on my bed to watch the Today Show.  Hubby came in and said his goodbyes and I heard him open the garage door to leave.  He cranked up, started backing up and then, silence (the garage is under my bedroom).  I turned the tv down, listened for….something.  Nothing.

Soon he comes in and says….Gavin parked behind me!

Anybody else done this?  Yea, it's not a good thing to hop in a car (IN A GARAGE) and just back on out.  ALWAYS LOOK BEHIND YOU, PEOPLE!  ALWAYS!  You will hit something, I promise!  In this case, everything is okay.  Thankfully he wasn't going fast enough to wreck both cars, he just bumped it!  Yikes!

My reaction?  Well, I did what most wives/moms would've done…I jumped out of bed like a nightgown ninja and freaked out!  I think it was punishment for laying back down.  You know, they train mice to NOT DO certain things with painful or stressful stimulations.  I think I'll stay up from now on.  Haha!

Risk and danger just oozes from the pores of (my) dudes and I like it.  It keeps me on edge and reminds me, I need adventure in my life.  Try new things….step out in strange territory….be brave.  Only do it with the mom compass engaged, somebody's gotta yell…."No no noooooooooo!" when things get out of hand!

Psalm 127:3 "Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children are a reward from Him."