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Picture Perfect Easter

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Who knew celebrating THE RESURRECTION could be so much fun with grown kids?  Oh, I did.  My family always has fun!  It seems like yesterday they were running around in their cute little matching outfits….excited about what goodies were in their Easter baskets.

Now they look like this–>

Grown up & beautiful.  Yes, even he's beautiful (to his mama).  Now, I might as well tell you…these pictures are simply to prove how crazy we get once a camera comes out.  Some of us can't keep up with the actual click of the camera and other's of us are just plain out camera hogs (no names mentioned)!  

Case in point—>

It's probably safe to say…there isn't a camera my girls aren't friends with.  In retrospect, I was a bit camera crazy too.  Oh yea, and skinny!   Back when I was their age.

I love having daughters.  Both of them unique and special in their own way but still a part of me.  I can't imagine why I ever "hoped" for all boys.  My girls fill a spot in my heart that God created just for them.

This girl starts her brand new job today.  I'm so proud of her and she is so excited.  She feels confident that this new career move is going to be a huge blessing and I totally agree.   Banking hours are good too!   No more laaaaate nights in retail.

We've been taking our Easter pictures in front of this pond at our house for 9 years.  This August, we have lived here 10 years.  Seems like yesterday!

Here we go again…someone's NOT READY when the camera snaps.  Poor Gavin!  

Ok, now we try to add Dad!  Only he's looking elsewhere. See who loves the camera and who doesn't?  I wish I was techy enough to crop his head with a good shot.  Maybe next year.  😉

See, he looks at the camera & smiles.  It's hit or miss ya know?

Almost the money shot.  Poor Gates…eyes closed but heart wide open.  

Here's where everyone really wanted to be during the photo shoot.  Since this is the only photo of the meal (like who wants to see our Ham & taters?)…I'll just tell you–it was delicious!  After church meals are special anyway.  Even more so when you're celebrating Christ's Resurrection!

How did you celebrate?  I hope with family & loved ones like me.

He Is Risen!