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In an instant…

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

I’m a mom. I say mom things. I think the worst. If it can happen….it usually does. Accidents are just that way. Accidents!

Tonight, I feel like I lapsed with my super hero powers. I tend to be a worrier about my kids and their driving. So, I watch them as they leave my driveway (like it has a protection force field around them or something!). Believe me….I know I’m crazy! Pray for me!

Hubby and I were having a snack (he was making yummy smoothies) when Ally came through the kitchen to ask about running to Burger King. I told her ‘no thanks’ when she asked if I wanted anything. Then, I just let go. I didn’t think another thing about her leaving. Gates came through and yelled, “Goodbye”. Again, I just kept at what I was doing.

Moments…..literally moments, I saw hubby on the phone and I could hear it was Ally. I heard her say something about a wreck. He asked her where she was and we scattered for our shoes. We jumped into my car and headed through the neighborhood….both of us THINKING in our heads that they must have hit a blown down tree limb or something. Then, we see the cars all willy-nilly in the road.

Our neighbor is there (he was pulling into the neighborhood as she was trying to pull out). Hubby’s car was out in the main road and the other car was facing into our neighborhood. She pulled out and never saw him coming. He tried to avoid hitting her and swerved hard to the right….she reacted by trying to go on across the road. No such luck. Impact was inevitable.

Everyone was pretty shook up. Especially Gates. She is a new driver and this is her greatest fear. We only waited a few minutes before the police arrived. The wind was blowing so hard and it was quickly turning our 74 degree Wednesday into a chilly 50. No one was dressed for cold weather. Not a good idea, huh?

I’m filled with emotions. I feel grateful and freaked all at the same time. I keep going over it in my mind and I can’t get over how it all played out. If only…… if only it had been a truck or suburban that hit them? This story would be so different. I’m overwhelmed with the knowledge of what could have been.

Thank you. You protected my girls and preserved their lives tonight. I’m so blessed to have them home safe with me. Help us move forward in this unfortunate circumstance. We need your guidance and assurance that everything’s going to be ok.