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Shade Tree Mechanics

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

These are my guys.  They work on stuff and make it right again.


I know what you're thinking…..rednecks, right?  Well, in my family…we don't hire out any jobs unless it is absolutely necessary.  Hubby and son usually do all the car maintenance and house maintenance.  We are frugal, except for the part where we have to rebuy tools and equipment because….we can't FIND THEM!!  🙁

This past weekend hubby needed to change his spark plugs–8 of them!  I told him he had to do something!  Every time we were cruising down the highway, the car would chug like a choo-choo train.  At fast speeds.  Talk about a stomach ache.  Eww.

The job took all day.


When I walked outside and saw this…..I knew I had to take a picture.  Because telling you and showing you just aren't the same.

Shade tree mechanics.   I love them!

PS-the car drives awesome now too!

Tell me, does your family do their own maintenance jobs or do you pay someone else?