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Snowy November Day

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

It was back to school for me today.  For those who say doing something you haven't done in a while is like "riding a bicycle" you pick right back up…..certainly never meant that in regards to the ol' ball-n-chain!

It was hard.  I started out my busy morning, late.  Not a great way to begin my first day back.  Especially since I had morning duty.  S T R E S S F U L !!  Oh and it was raining too.  Rain or any sudden weather change causes some sort of evil traffic reaction here in my town and today was no exception.  I sat in traffic for over 15 minutes and I live right beside the school.  I may have screamed from the driver's seat.  I'm not proud!  I also drove off without my cellphone.  That was the whipped cream on top of the hurried morning.

By 8:45am, I felt completely overwhelmed and out of my element.  I really don't know how much longer I can keep up.  Working is really cramping my style.  I am a much better home mama.  I admit, school stresses me out.

So, I heard from a few students that it was snowing outside.  Which really made me bummed because I'm in an inside classroom (no windows for me).  By the time I was out of my room…the snow had stopped and was nothing but cold wet spots.  I'm not going to let it wreck the whole day though.  I think having a shot of snow today in the middle of November is a reminder to stop and see the beauty God sends our way.  Even if things are a bit hairy.  Enjoy the fresh smell of cold snow and see all the hope and possibilities it represents.  Snow to me….says, He makes all things new!

What makes you giddy with excitement?