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Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Traveling can be so daunting.  We left on Thursday and drove to Montgomery Alabama for the night.  What we thought would be a horrible car ride turned out to be pretty easy.  Everyone survived and no one wants to kill anyone (so far).  I will say that I had no idea that double beds had shrunk to the size of fat twins.  Wow, those dudes are small and now that we’re 5 adult sized people they seemed teensy!  No worries though…..we made it through the night.

We stopped by my hubby’s alma mater Baptist College of Florida and took the 50cent tour (their words, not mine).  While there we spent the afternoon visiting with dear friends and catching up on exciting happenings.  It was special time spent very well.  Soon this could be our son’s college too.  Praying for that situation.

Then we headed here…

This would be the door to some friendly hospitality.   Arriving late last night was like stepping right back in time.  Our families spent some great years together being very poor and happy to do so.  Now being in their home for the weekend is turning out to be just what I needed.  Vacations Rock, but friends rock even more!

So far, this is what the kids are doing.  Laying around relaxing and watching tv.  Good for the soul and incredible for incubating the brain.  🙂

This is the baby, Ruby.  She’s found a kindred spirit in Ally.  Everywhere Ally goes…..Ruby is pretty close behind.  I think she’s found a friend in my girl.

We’re heading to the beach now.  It’s beautiful here and our hearts are full with more than just beach joy……God blesses through His people.  Vacations are way more fun with friends involved.