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Killin time!

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

I’ve been busy!  Busy doing stuff!  It’s finally Saturday!  Which means at 8:15pm the Colts kickoff the BIG game! All day long, I’ve been running around trying to do things that kept my mind occupied. Crazy, I know!

On the to do list?

1) Wash Dogs (yea….both the stinkers)
2) Wash the cars (uh-huh both, yuck!)
3) Clean the gacky floors in my house
4) Wash the bathroom rugs
5) Laundry (my favorite Colts shirt was dirty)
6) Prep game foods
7) Change the tail-light on the Suburban
8) Flat-iron Ally’s long hair
9) Boss a couple teenagers around
10) Take a shower and get in my game attire!

Ok, I’m ready! Now….let’s get down to business, Colts! GO FIGHT WIN!!!