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Saturday Morning Silence

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

I'm up early today because that's what I do now.  Actually, it's what I did all summer too.  My kids had to be up and gone for jobs & school so I conditioned my own self to do the same.  I hate that feeling of over-sleeping and then having to hurry all stressed out.  So getting up was my way of helping everyone get to their spots.

I know….I'm amazing!



This morning, my girl pups and I are outside enjoying the newly arriving fall weather.  It's not quite cool during the middle of the day yet…but it is wonderful in the mornings and evenings.  I'll take that anyday over the boiling temps we've had all summer.  Thanks to the extreme heat we've paid mucho higher electric bills, water bills and lost two cars air-conditioning.  Both mine and Gavin's cars no longer blow cold air.  Each one of them too complicated for the shade tree mechanics to fix.  Oh and on my car?  The front passenger (also called shotgun) door and window do not work.  So, imagine riding in that seat after school when the car has heated up to a million degrees.  Go ahead, call me white trash!  This might make me deserve it.

It is a nightmare!  You have to wait for someone to let you out!  Awesome!

I had to make a grocery store run after school yesterday and by the time Gates & I made it back home (we also had to run through the bank drive-thru)….we were soaking wet and sick from the burning car.  Misery!

I'm thankful for a "paid for" car…just throwing that in here.

And for this morning, God arranged a cool shady breeze loaded with sweet whistling birds just for me.  I can sit outside on my back porch while the whole world seems to be quietly waiting to wake up and get started.  I'm glad I didn't sleep in and miss it.

Tell me–What are you doing this weekend?