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Sunday, March 20th, 2011

I’m no good at hiding my feelings. I wish I had that gift but I don’t. I’m an open book, people! What you see, is the real deal! And when it comes to breaks from school……I’m a freak for the freedom! Literally, I act kooky!

So far, I’ve hugged on my sweetboy, bought groceries and relaxed at home with my hubby & girls. All great blessings to me. I have more plans for the rest of this week. More hugging on kids and hauling them places, some housework (see, I’m responsible) and catching up on REST! School zaps me and the rest of my family.

This past week, my son spent his spring break in Panama City Beach ministering to the throngs of college students that blanket that area for fun and sun. He loved it and couldn’t say enough great things about the Georgia Baptist’s who pretty much ran the outreach program. {thank you GBC} Everything was top-notch!

I love that he not only had a great time but that God kept him strong and healthy (he still has a kickin case of Mono). I pray for him now as he returns to real life and wraps up a rocky semester (thank you Mono!) as well as raises his funds for the trip he just took. God is good!

Before I go…..I’d like to encourage you to stop over at (in)courage’s blog and check out the free ebook being offered. I downloaded it to my nook and started reading it right away. As I clicked each page, I realized this book is a must read for everyone. The title, Core Lies! And if you don’t think you’ve got some core lies……think again, friend! Go read it now!