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Keep A Secret

Monday, October 31st, 2011

It’s that time again. The big “holiday” where young women pull out all the stops on the skimpiest costumes. Sad, huh? It kills me to even scroll through Facebook. Blek! Without being unkind, I wish I could say….Don’t do it! Be strong & confident in who you are, you don’t have to dress like that for attention. Really!

I can’t help but think it’s connected to lack of self-respect. Young women are falling for the lies that less is best and in the meantime….sharing way more than (their future husbands) would probably want them to. Letdown!

I have daughters. Beautiful ones, at that. I know how easy it is to dance right on the edge of too much (or too little). While I’m thankful for the moral boundaries that both my girls adhere to, I know that they’ve made some clothing errors (just like I have) along the way. It’s not always easy to dress totally goof free. Always learning!

One of the greatest lessons for me regarding WHAT NOT TO WEAR came by way of my (then) middle school son. He knocked on our bedroom door late one night needing to talk about a little problem. He shared with his dad and I about the temptations he felt at school because of the way his girl classmates were dressing. He felt a terrible pull to “look” and because of that, he took on a shameful guilt. He knew it was wrong….wrong to look and wrong to be dressing inappropriately. It broke my heart to hear of his struggle!

Girls, oftentimes have no idea the effect they are having on the guys around them. Some are clueless and other’s are flaunting it on purpose. When you think of the negative effect this phenom has on both the boy and the girl….how can you not feel sad?

Moms, we need to set the bar high.

It starts with us. Are we dressing age appropriately? Our girls are watching and believe it or not, so are our sons. Let’s help influence the next generation to dress in a way that empowers them, not degrades what will someday be someone’s wife or mother.

“Adorn yourself with majesty and dignity; clothe yourself with glory and splendor” (Job 40:10).