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I Really Love Dogs

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Are you wondering how I spent my last day of summer?  Fear not, I am telling you everything.  In the name of dog-sitting (our daughter's boyfriends dog, Leif)….I've been on a behavior round-a-bout all day.  I have let him in and out.  I have put him in his kennel and I have rescued him from danger.  All day long! Plus, I went to the grocery store and Walmart!  Curses to Walmart!

This is one of his favorite bad behavior choices.  He jumps (like OLYMPIC HIGH DIVE) into my little pond by my front door.  Not only does this dude jump in like a pro….he proceeds to swim down to the bottom like a hippo.  Eyes wide open!  He is crazy!


He also has a strange affinity for potted plants.  Well, make that any plant inside of the world of soil and dirt.  He trashes it!  With gusto!  Which isn't cool because my son's dog, Gracie….she loves to dig and trash too.  So, the two of them are a duo of destruction!


I give up!  This is my planter that I had several different items planted in….I think this double dog dig has finished off any hopes of salvaging a harvest.  Me not happy!   Off with their heads!


After Leif finishes his swim, he likes to dry off.  What better way of doing so than rustling your whole body all through the ivy.  Bob & weave in and out of every single strand.  Leave nothing unturned, dude.  Really.  TRASH IT, WOULD YA?


The cherry on top?  My hubby's hostas!  Ohhhhh this one, this one is the killer.  They chewed up and stomped down and duuuuuuug some serious holes here.  Hubby had to leave for a wedding tonight…but I swear, I heard him mutter something threatening to both dogs.  He was M A D !   Who can blame him?  This is plain old criminal destruction!


But don't worry.  They are both fine.  Exhausted…but fine.  Notice how they are resting in front of the fan and doing their best to cool off from all the home wrecking they've done today?!  


Being a dog is hard work!

Goodbye summer break!  I don't think I could take another day like today!

PS–Do not ask me if I want any more dogs.  The answer is a gigantor NO!  I am soon retiring from animals.  When these croak, I'm done!