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31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 10)

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012


Everything really is bigger in Texas!  Even the silo's!  This is hubby & Preston.  They're checking the tower on top of this big daddy.  Remember me telling how poor the internet is here?  Yea, this is the other end of the line and they were hoping to find "something" to repair to make it zippy fast for the whole ranch.  Didn't happen.

After a long day of here & there wire chasing and new computer set-ups, this is where our bodies naturally gravitated…the lake behind the house.  Which, have I mentioned has no ice?  Oh the challenge to keep a positive attitude!  Just kidding!  I know how to make ice, y'all!

It didn't take long to catch something good!  We let him go!  But isn't he a good one?  I love the smile on his face.  He's been so busy while we've been here, I've missed seeing him have some fun.


Look who's dressed and ready to go.  I've mentioned that I'm sitting in the middle of nowhere a few times, right?  Well, when you get a text that says, "Wanna go to lunch?".  You jump up and get dressed!  For real dressed — cute clothes, makeup and styled hair!


The lunch?  I know you're wondering.  Since there is no real town, where'd we eat?  Ahh, good question!  Down the road from that silo was a four-way stop.  If you go right, there's a hole-in-the-wall store (and it looks like a hole) that sells BBQ along with other "convenient" store goods.  You had to stand by the drink cooler to eat your sandwich.  If you turn left, there you'll see a metal barn/building for mexican food.  Preston, who was with us…had eaten there so we chose the place we could sit down and actually eat a meal.

I can now say that I've eaten genuine TexMex food!  I had the #16, chicken tacos with a tamale.  It was delicious!  On our way back to the barn/office, Preston told us about where he lives.  They have a real town with Walmart and fast-food.  I asked if there was a place to stop for ice and water bottles anywhere nearby…..nope!  No chance.  It would be a 45 minute drive to civilization.

Forget it!

I can just go home and have this!  Minus the candy mixers though!  Have I mentioned how much I love flavored cream?  Oh yea, me likey!  Here, they no havey!


So, you're probably asking what does all this have to do with adjusting my attitude.  A lot.  Anytime you & I are taken out of our natural element the tendancy to get aggravated is high.  When everything is out of our control our reactions can be negative.  Finding ways to solve your problems is key to coping in a healthy way.

For me, I've done a bit of detoxing.  The first day or so while I was here, I slept and relaxed.  Each night, I've fallen into bed (early by my normal standard) and gone right to sleep.  Once asleep, I've stayed there…deep and cozy!  It's been as if my body was saying—-chill!

In the detoxing process, I've also had a heavy dose of solitude.  Something that I don't get much of.  For me (and you) our bodies & minds NEED SOLITUDE!  It's our way of regrouping and coming back better than we were before.  It gives us time to reflect, think & pray over all that our daily world throws at us.  Solitude teaches us to function without all the interruptions knocking at our door.  It clears away the cobwebs that form by way of busyness.

What would some time to yourself be like for your attitude?

Then, what are you waiting for?  Do it!