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Squelching the Spirit

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016


Being a people-pleaser can be rough. Those of us who lean on the side of making everyone around us happy carry a huge load of worry. We worry if what we say or do hurts or helps the people in our life and because we can’t help ourselves… we worry for worrying about it.

For weeks, I’ve let my blog sit silent.

I walked away.

Didn’t even log on or look at it.

I might have even told myself (inside my own head) that I was done with blogging. Never touching WordPress again.

And, I may be still.

bad influey

I love writing and I get excited when I hear from readers that something I wrote down moved them or hit the spot regarding an issue in their own life. It reminds me just how simple life really is and how closely connected we all are in some weird way.

I struggle. You struggle. I lose. You lose. I celebrate. You celebrate. I laugh. You laugh. I fall down. You fall down.

We are all human.

let it go influence

What if you could just be you? Say whatever it is you wanted to say?

Would you do it?

Your life and mine has the power to influence those around us. Do we live it filtering every thought or idea?

As a Christian, I’ve almost trained myself to be JUST SO.

Just so, nice.

Just so, proper.

Just so, Jesus-y.

Just so, self-less.

Just so, righteous.

And by doing so, so? I’ve let my ME be someone very guarded and sensitive. I’ve allowed what other’s think or say about what I write to be a guardrail of sorts to hold me in place.

I hate it.

Maybe it’s because of the way I grew up. Always being pushed around and told how to feel, think and be. My opinion didn’t count, so I zipped it.

It’s like squelching the spirit. Or beating down real feelings. Sort of like being squished into a mold that doesn’t fit.

be above

What can I say to inspire others (and MYSELF) to keep forging on when little discouragements come along?

Get up! Keep going! You’ve got this! Don’t listen to them!


Help me to remember that I answer to You and not anyone else. Let my words be pleasing to you. Use me to love, encourage and bless others… Help me to speak truth TO MYSELF and to those who read what I write.