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Maggie G

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

People often say, “Dogs are a man’s best friend” and I know that to be true. Maybe you do too. For 9+years, we’ve experienced the unconditional love offered by our best friend….Maggie. Everyone who ever met her…..loved her! She was special! I know what you’re thinking….. she really was!

We bought her from the same breeder that sold us our other black lab, Molly. We lost Molly to some careless teenagers on a motorcycle in front of our house. At the time, I couldn’t even think of picking out another lab pup. Hubby couldn’t think of NOT picking another. He was determined. I finally gave in (but declared….I WOULD NOT GET ATTACHED!!!).

Yea, my plan failed! She stole my heart. I can’t put into words what an awesome dog she was. I can’t think of one bad behavior she ever had. Matter of fact….if she was ever missing, it was because one of our neighbors had let her inside (their house) and was giving her some sort of treat. She was known in our neighborhood as “Sweet Black Maggie”. Often when I would come home….I’d see her over at my neighbors house on the front porch with her best friend, Dooley. Maggie was the alpha female in the friend group. Dooley (a mut) and Stitch (a rascal Jack Russel) were her comrades. Together the three of them ran security over the kids and property on Oakridge Drive. {Don’t try anything hanky panky around here!!} 🙂

Tonight, after a long few weeks of dwindling down to a mere 50lbs. Maggie passed away. We spent the day loving on her and comforting her as best we could. It was horrible to watch her struggle to stand. She was always so strong and energetic. Cancer steals everything!

Something that I’ll always remember about Maggie is her tail. It wagged all the time! She was the happiest dog in the world….no matter what was happening. What a great example for us all. Be happy!

Maggie….thanks for loving and protecting our family for all those years. Your life was lived to the fullest and we enjoyed every minute of it. Rest in sweet doggy peace, Mag-pie! We will always love you, girl!

I’m going to miss this sweet face!