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Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

No, it’s not my new hobby. I volunteered to do it….willingly. I have my own problems dogs. But adding one more to the mix was just icing on the cake. He’s been an angel! As a matter of fact, my whole family loves him. His name is Braska (short for Nebraska…..a town near here…not the state).

Take a look at him. Does this guy look like he’s trouble?


Good, cause he’s not. I just got a call from his owner’s employee. She wanted to let me know the family will be an extra 4-5 days. I had to laugh. We really like having him as our guest. But I must tell you some of his quirks (not that they are a problem…..just we’ve cracked up over).

1–He’s like lightning! If you crack the door open…..HE’S GONE! I mean really gone. It happened twice. The first time, hubby did it. That dog ran so fast down our driveway and never bothered to look back. I was sure we’d lost him forever. He came back and collapsed on our front doorstep……….panting his little heart out. The next time it was my son who did it. He thought he’d be nice and play tennis ball with him…..uhhh yeah right! That dog REALLY was gone this time. SIX HOURS!!! A neighbor had caught him and had him inside….loving on him. He really is that sweet! πŸ™‚

2–He likes to run. Full blast, run! We can’t keep up with him on a leash and since we don’t trust him to his own freedom……he has to stay on a lead. We hate this! But we don’t want to lose him….again. So, he barks when he’s on the lead (we don’t like barking….it’s a disturbance to neighbors). We let him in and out…back and forth. All he really wants to do is chase our birds and squirrels. Poor guy!

3–He’s a morning dog! Anybody that knows my family….knows we aren’t morning people! We are like zombies…fumbling our way through to see lunchtime asap. Not Braska, he’s so happy and peppy! He will run and jump on your bed……like, come on….get happy with me. πŸ™‚

4–He’s eating A LOT! Between him and our two female dogs, we’ve gone through his bag of food as well as our tub full. It’s like they are having a dog “eat-off”. A competition! I don’t think he’s fed this much at home….but here, he’s living high on the hog. He may need to fast a bit. Teehee! Just kiddin!

5–He threw up! At 2am! We like to sleep during those hours….but when a kid comes in your room saying, “Dad….help, the dog got sick all over the floor!”. What can you do? Well, you get up and clean it up. Yuck! He must have eaten too much?!! He’s better now.

All that sounds like I’m complaining…but I’m not. We have fallen hard for this guy. Nobody wants to let him go back. The family that owns him will have to watch us act crazy when he leaves with them. We may even get teary! Ok….we’re not that wacky. But we will miss him. He’s been fun to have as a guest.

Braska, you’re welcome to visit us anytime! Sweet doggy!