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Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Seriously, I’ve been shutdown! Yesterday when I rubbed the sleepy out of my eyes and tried to log onto my baby blog all I got was a DOMAIN EXPIRED page! Whoobie whatie?!!

Yea, seems they shut the old girl down without even as much as a NOTICE!! Who does that? Well, looks like they do. {I’m not mentioning names because honestly…..I don’t know who THEY are!} Plus, who cares? Right? I don’t! So why should you. 😉

I cried to hubby. He really doesn’t have time to be my personal IT dude but darn his luck… is his lot in life. He sent them a message and waved the white flag of peace and love while we waited to hear back. Finally, today the issue was resolved. Not only did I get my blog/email restored but they did it for free.

It appears they made a little boo-boo and felt so sorry for it that they blessed me with a free year. Geez, thanks ya’ll. I missed my blog and email while it was down…..but it didn’t kill me. All’s forgiven.

Sometimes, inconveniences work out in your favor.

Thank you domain people. I’m so happy to have my blog back online.