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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

I am so pumped up for the new tv season.  Shows that I've been waiting to pick back up are looming overhead as I type.  Some people spend their money on season tickets to NFL games or new cars or even trips…..I buy cable/NETFLIX/Xfinity!

Worth it.

I'm still pretty psyched that we cut our cable bill down to practically half of what we had been paying.  Yeehaw!  It pays to shop around.

I loved the winter (2010-11) we had a ton of snow days and I was able to watch several seasons of LOST with my kids.  It sucked us in and may have been the cause of extra prayers for snow days that year.  I couldn't think of anything but what was going to happen next….

Yes, I am the queen of lame.

This last winter, DOWNTON ABBEY owned my heart!  I practically cried every Sunday night when the show would end.  My ability to wait all week long for another episode was almost childlike.  I couldn't stand the waiting!  I even bought the book by the current owner of the mansion and read the real history based on the show.  Good stuff!

So, finding a new love for summer was so awesome.

During June, my girls and I were G L U E D to the tv/Hulu watching the whole season of REVENGE.  Oh my word!  It is crazy good!   I just thought LOST was addictive.  I admit it, the three of us (my girls and I) even drug our meals down to the family room to watch episode after episode.  Sick pups!  You can probably guess about bathroom breaks….hit pause and run?  Yea, that was us.  Real mature, huh?

When the season ended (it was still early summer)….I thought each of us were going to need some sort of intervention.  The crack show had us hooked!  But, I pushed on and I can't believe that just this week….teasers are being played to let the world know, REVENGE is coming back on September 30th at 9:00pm!

Yippee!  Yahoo!  I AM SO HAPPY!

The only bummer is that I'll have to play by the rules and watch it like everyone else—week by week episode!  It'll be a Downton Abbey moment all over again.  Which is also coming up January 6th!!!   Woohoo!  I feel like hugging a stranger this excites me so much.

I know they're just tv shows, but I love them.  I don't get into the reality shows (sorry, but I hate the dating shows), never liked Dancing With the Stars, gave up American Idol (it turned sooooo bleh), can't stomach the dysfunction of Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, Kardashian's and most sitcoms….they just don't do it for me. But give me a well-done drama or good story show and I am a fan!

Oh and don't let me forget to mention….it is officially NFL season!  You know I'm watching football!  I even asked my hubby about getting the NFL channel so we could watch Peyton in Denver.  I miss him and the rest of the Colts that were sent a packin!  I admit, it's going to be painful.  Like ripping a bandaid off of a fresh wound, painful.  But, I will be watching football.

What's your vice?  Are you a stay home kind of girl/family that loves watching good tv?  Or would you rather go somewhere and do something out & about?

Oh and listen, all of the shows that I've mentioned in this post are available to watch (in full) for free.  If you haven't watched any of them….you should!  Maybe you'll get a taste of just how addicting they are.


PS-Something that really makes watching good shows fun…is doing it with my family.  It's a great way for us to spend time together and to get involved with characters.  Some families like to sit at track meets/sporting events etc…we like our family room!