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Dreams do come true

Saturday, September 19th, 2009


I remember back when all I wanted…… was to drive! Oh I would beg my parents……I would plead, “I’ll go to the store for you!!!”. They would inevitably give in and let me go. I was a natural! I was driving from the time I was 10 years old. Yes, I’m from crazy bumpkins and we let our yungin’s drive early! Somebody’s gotta do it! Life in the south is just that way (or so it used to be).

This morning at 9:00 am sharp…..Ally drove off the parking lot of the BMV (also known as….the place regular legal American citizens cannot get business handled on the first trip in) to take her driving test. She has waited so long for this day. But I think she’s ready now. Her 16th birthday was back in March and she’s been anticipating this day ever since. A real driver’s license! Woohoo!

—In Indiana, if you do not participate in the Driver’s Education class (which costs $400) at 15…the teen cannot receive their learner permit until they turn 16. After that time, the driver must hold that permit for another 180 days before taking the actual driver’s test to attain what’s now called the Graduated Driver License.

Soooooooo. SHE PASSED!!!! YAY, Ally!!!!

Excitedly….leaving on her first alone trip (with her sis of course!)

Thumbs up! She’s heading to check out her parking spot at JCHS

Bye Bye…..another piece of my heart! πŸ™‚

Now the dream is almost complete. Her fantasy of her own car is what she now focuses on. We would love to provide her with that…..but it’s just not in our budget. We know that God can do anything. So, Lord…..if there’s a way, we leave that to you!

NOTE: I wasn’t driving to the store at 10 years old. I was driving some form of vehicle out on family property and country roads. Please don’t feel as if I were part of some sort of “deliverance” type family. I assure you, I was raised by good people. We just learned to drive early back then. πŸ˜†