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31 Days To A Positive Attitude (Day 4)

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Day 4


It's been one doozy of a day!  Matter of fact, I've spent quite a bit of it…crying.  After posting about not allowing stress to rule your attitude last time the devil hit me right in my blog mouth today!  Stress was the name of the game all day!

It's good to have family to come home to that loves you and believes in you when the world knocks you around, huh?  As I hunkered down on the couch with my family for the most important JOB INTERVIEW of the land, I felt a peace that only God could provide.  I also reflected on the day's events and realized just how important it is to be a good leader with a positive attitude.

So with puffy eyes….here goes my take on that.

1 — Positive leaders are in the power business.  Who wants to work where the power is out?  Not me!  I like energy!  A strong leader needs to have a positive attitude in order to pump those around them up to their best potential.  If the leader is ho-hum, you're most likely going to have the same result of those who are following.  

2 — Mirror images.  Who wants to be like the leader just getting by?  Not me!  I want excellence.  I want to follow excellence and by that I'm inspired to be excellent myself.  A positive leader who leads with passion ultimately causes those around them to rise up to their level.  

3 — Enthusiasm excites.  Have you ever been around someone with an electrifying personality?  You can't help but catch the fever too.  But someone has to strike the match for that enthusiasm to ignite.  A contagious positive person does that.  People want to follow when the leader is on fire!

I know I'm not the only one that work and life stress beats up on.  I admit everyday isn't as harsh as today has been.  However, I'm smart enough to see when leadership isn't up to par either.  But, what can I do about that?  Not a lot when I'm just a follower of poor leadership examples.  So, I turn to Christ for the power, image to mirror and the enthusiasm that I'm not finding in my day.

So let me encourage you to do the same.  Be smart about poor leadership and don't let it tear you apart when you're striving for excellence.  If you're a leader that seems to be stuck in a world of average, rise up!  Find your power…recognize someone is mirroring you and for goodness sake crank up your enthusiasm!

Don't be that guy…