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Best Fashion Rules EVER

Friday, April 29th, 2016

i dress up

Whenever I hear someone say, “You look so cute!” I always think inside my head….”If you only knew what I paid for this!”. I’m a bargain shopper! I like shopping for the best deals. I refuse to spend a fortune (hmph, tell my hubby that) on what I wear. That’s just my choice, yours may be different. Sales are my love language and I feel my most loved by the universe when I can get a very expensive item for a basement bargain price.

It’s not hard to do either.

I love fashion! I love experimenting with different styles and while I’m a little adventurous, I’m also pretty guarded with what I actually spend my money on and wear. In other words, I’m selective with a bit of edgy courage. I’ll step out of my safe zone, for the right outfit or shoe.

So, what are the rules? Or are there any rules at all?

As I watched students hurry by in the hall at school today, I did a mental check of what everyone was wearing. I do that. Look at what’s in and what’s out because let’s face it….there are NO NO’s in clothing. Like, this –>



real spacesuit

Reporting for duty, America.

Notice the resemblance? Yea, this is not a positive fashion statement. It says something totally different. I hate to tell you this….but guys hate it. They find it odd and unappealing. So, NO NO…don’t have this as an outfit in your wardrobe. Unless you are prepared for “TAKE OFF!”.

Also out? Ladies my age wearing teen clothes. Forever 21 really is geared towards the chicks who haven’t toyed with menopause. Every time I see a woman in my age range wearing a skin tight Hollister tee, I cringe. So do the young dudes who see her too. It’s like a major NO NO! Choose clothes that are hip in your own age range. Styles can still be sassy but age appropriate, I promise.

Take it from a lady who isn’t ready to be an old lady yet.

So, what are the BEST FASHION RULES ever?

1 — Buy what you really love

If you have a thing for denim, buy it. Not everyone likes jeans. Those who do should wear it and wear it well. Don’t be afraid to jazz up your jeans with cute tops and snappy little jackets. Oh and seriously, wear some cute shoes too. Jeans get a bad rap in some fashion circles.


no jeans


yes jean


Experimenting can be tricky but it can also be a way to find what looks best on you. What looks great on one person doesn’t always look the same on another. Some look really good in a round neckline while someone else looks awful. Try different looks and toss out any that don’t flatter. Stay current without going too far. Hint: Do a closet clean-out by throwing out all the excess clothes you never wear because of this or that reason.

3 — Beware of “trends”

Not all new style trends are keepers. Choose carefully. Remember shoulder pads? Man, we thought those looked darlin!


4 — Choose undergarments wisely

Nobody wants to see your thong or your underwear line. It’s skanky! Same goes for the proper bra (Hey, Macy’s has a great sale right now!). I see too many girls and women skipping out on a basic rule of dress all because they “forget” to dress under their clothes. Wear a slip if you’re going to wear a sheer skirt or dress and for goodness sakes – don’t show your bra straps with any tank-top or skinny strapped dresses. Eww!

good bra

5 — Let go of the “OLD DAYS”

I have a friend from school (high school) who’s still wearing the same style of clothing from back in the day. Her style is way out of date and it shows every time I see a picture of her. There is nothing wrong with loving vintage items, nothing! But beware of freezing in a time warp. It does a few things: 1. Ages you. 2. Ages you. Who wants that? I want to look fresh (not teen-agey) and tasteful. But I surely do not want to look like I’m dressing for an 80’s party. Lose the velvet chokers, ladies.

Fashion and style are very personal. I’m unique and so are you. Neither of us have to dress exactly alike but to put our best foot forward….fashion needs to be a priority. Make your own rules, mine are simply what I play by. Don’t be afraid to try something new.


Happy Friyay!!