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Fashion Friday – That’ll Cost Ya

Friday, April 24th, 2015

ff april

Lest you believe that this week’s fashion post is how I blow my hubby’s money, let me put that to rest right now.

I am cheap! As in, cheap cheap…beep beep cheap!

Now, do not confuse that with wishin’! I’m always wishin’! I wish for this and I wish for that…but the honest truth is I WANT THE GOOD STUFF but I want it for a bargain!

My biggest indulgences will always be on Frye boots and Dooney bags. I will not give those up! Ever. Unless of course, we need food and electricity. I mean, priorities….right? I know when to fold em’ and when to hold em’. Okay? I’m not a total animal!

Last week I spent the day shopping with a friend and while it was stressful coming back home, the day was glorious. I had a front row seat into the world of big girl shopping and I LIKED IT! I liked it, a lot.

Now that I’m back to (my) reality, I thought I’d share a few special items that are out there for the gal who wants to spend a little a lot to look her best. I’m talking fashion’s latest and greatest.

First up, SHOES! I managed to find a corner to stand in while the women of Dallas Nordstrom’s had the shoe dudes hopping grabbing their favorite designer shoes. Sure, I felt a little jelly. Gosh, who wouldn’t? Did you know, some people spend more money on a pair of shoes than most do on a month’s worth of groceries? A PAIR OF SHOES – A MONTH OF GROCERIES!

Have you heard of Attilio Giusti Leombruni? Or A G L’s as the savvy of the savviest called them. I hadn’t, mostly because I do not wear flats very often. They hurt and make me feel dumpy. The word is that these shoes are the MOST INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE SHOE made right now. If I had an extra $300+ or so to throw around, I might find out. Since I do not….you’ll have to get your own or whatever you do to get the answers you’re looking for.

agl 's

Cute, right? But over $300 for flats? I don’t know, y’all. I’m still not convinced. If AGL would like to win me over, they’re welcome to send me a pair as a “research” project. 😉

I suppose I should just zip it on the price of AGL’s when Valentino is getting away with charging $745 dollhairs for this seriously precious pink beauty. Huh?


Wow, that’s cute! But, $745? Really!? Errr, I don’t know guys!

Well, if you’re like me and would rather wear a sandal….here’s the other option by Valentino. They’re a little more at $1045. Yea, you read that right. One thousand and forty-five American dollars. Get ya some, y’all.

rockstud sandle

Sham wam lama ding dong!! They’re cute, but they are also more than my home mortgage. Which is a dead give away that I am shopping out of my league.

I’ve talked up buying expensive jeans on here and I’ve never mentioned any above $150 because….seriously? They would have to do MAGICAL rearranging of my old lady body for me to even consider. I literally have an exact replica of these jeans (which I get a ton of compliments on every time I wear them) except mine were on sale for $39.99 at Marshall’s and they are Nine West brand.

Have you heard of Current/Elliott jeans? These are $228 at Nordstrom’s.

current elliot

No joke. These are clearly for the girl who zings her money left & right and still eats a fabulous dinner out that night. In other words, she ain’t fretting over a dollar or two-hundred and twenty eight of them. In case you were wondering, this isn’t the highest priced jean either. You can go much higher.

Looking for a casual crepe top to go with your Rockstud sandals and Current/Elliott jeans? This one is perfect. Only, it’s $265 and you’ll never want to eat at Fazolli’s lest you drop spaghetti sauce on it and ruin it forevs!

crepe top

I like it. Chic & comfy, just out of my “I don’t want to go to work” budget.

How about a Bird & Branch Silk dress? This one is a steal for $395 if you’re skinny enough and your wallet’s fat.

bird dress

What about a Basket Weave Skirt dress? If you’re going for a washed up on the beach look this dress is only $3250. Obviously, it costs more because of the name or could it be they’re charging for each strand?

fringe dress

I love this silk dress by Fabiana and it’s only $1155. Should I splurge? Naaah! I’m rather good at finding the cheaper version of everything! It’s my secret talent.

silk dress

While I was out last week, I stopped into an Alexander McQueen store because ya know, why not? I was drawn like a magnet to a hot pink purse from the Heroine line. I cannot find it anywhere online, go figure. But, it was a whopping $2950 so I quickly set it back down and backed away.

My hand may have held it long enough that it got into my bloodstream. Hence the name. Here’s a blingy version that’s a few bucks less at $1497.


And yes, it is tiny.

Need something a little larger? How about the Stella McCartney metallic tote? It’s $1420 and has plenty of room. However, you cannot sleep in it for a week which would be the equivalent of about a 7 day stay in a hotel at the beach.

stella bag

When it comes to sunglasses, the bigger the better is what I live by. However, they also have to be cheap enough for me to destroy. You can count on my throwing them in my purse, dropping them on gravel and losing them. So, dropping 3 bills on a pair of eye-ball protectors will never happen. Unless my hubby strikes it really rich and then I probably still wouldn’t do it.

These Jimmy Choo’s are adorable. Really. Big, flashy and Italian. $355

jimmy choos

I know not everyone bothers with a watch anymore but if you do and you’ve got a few bucks to blow, how about this Swiss beauty?


This is a steal too at $899. It’s regularly priced at $1800. You’re welcome.

Now that we’ve traipsed all through the racks of the rich & famous (trust me, I held back on what I posted) let’s be real. Would you spend that kind of money on clothes, shoes, bags and jewels?

Even if you had it?

If you’re like me, you do your best to find great deals and stay up to date with every item you buy. There’s not a single thing wrong with that either. The world is full of over-priced stuff and that includes what we wear. Don’t fall into the trap of name-brand rules, if you like it and it’s affordable for your budget….get it! Lookin’ good does NOT have to cost ya!

Happy Friday friends!