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Snaggled Tooth

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

I believe I understand a thing or two about people who are snaggle-toothed.  The pain involved when having dental work done is borderline between slamming your lips with a hammer and gouging out an eye.  It hurts!    Nothing about it is pleasant!  

And you have to give them money LOTS OF MONEY to do it, too!

Yesterday's appointment was top priority hence the speeding home from Florida trip on Saturday & Sunday.  Wild horses couldn't stop me from taking care of this broken tooth issue.  I knew from the first visit that it was going to be a little "painful" but I had no idea that I would want to cry and throw myself out of the chair in front of two fairly cool cat ladies causing me all the pain.  Devils.

How do they talk about normal everyday stuff when they are KILLING people with their bare hands?

For the last 39 or so years, I've had a "temporary" cap on a front tooth that hasn't matched in color for approximately 38 of those years.  It's an ugly reminder of a NO HANDS bike accident that went way wrong during a fun trip to the store with my neighbor friend.  It was all fun until the bump in the road sent me flying face first in the street.  Luckily for me (and this may surprise you….the drama was off the charts awesome) a police car happened to be nearby and HE DROVE ME HOME IN HIS PATROL CAR!  Bike & all!  The bloody face probably gave my mom the scare of her life but the chipped tooth most likely made her spirit drop even more.  How many single mom's in the 70's had dental insurance? Probably not many.

That's how I ended up at a dental school.

I decided this was my opportunity to take care of the ugly discolored front tooth since Mr. #3 in back had to have a new crown too.  You know, blow $700 on a couple of teeth kind of summer fun!  I just had no idea how painful it was going to be.  Besides the paying for it!  Which my hubby likes to find the positive in these sorts of situations (God bless him) by pointing out what a great bargain I've been for the last 24+ years of our marriage.

I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to dental & medical costs.  Hey…point well made, babe!  I'd rather go shopping.

I'm due to go back in 3 more weeks (again) to finish off all that they've started.  However, the pain from all the shots and lip twisting may still be present when I go in so if that's the case….I may just go ahead and slam my hand in the car door just to take my mind off of the torture it takes to have a beautiful smile.  

Who's really going to care if I'm snaggle toothed?