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Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Tonight is the big game. Butler Bulldogs play VCU in the Final Four game in Houston! Since I live so close to the boys in blue and many of my favorite students are attending college there….I cannot help but cheer my head off for the DAWGS!!

I know what you’re thinking…..Yes, my boy is at IU and of course we love the Hoosiers. But this is THE  NCAA’s Final Four! This team is like a step-child (ya gotta love em!)! 🙂

If they win…..holy shamoly, I will be screaming! These so called underdawgs went all the way last year, playing the final game against Duke. It’s only fitting they go ALL THE WAY and WIN IT ALL!!!

Go boys in BLUE!!!

I have to say something else about this game. I watched a segment on the news yesterday featuring VCU and their head coach (Shaka Smart) at practice in Houston. I loved seeing the sheer admiration on the faces of those players for their coach. He was genuinely ON FIRE and pumping his players up and they were loving it! It gave me such a great feeling! Isn’t that what doing what you love should be like? Pure joy!