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Google me!

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Who knew there were so many ways to find someone? I like to point out that most of my adult life has been spent under a rock raising really amazing kids! I know I’m behind on just about everything hip and technical. Because everybody knows “hip and technical” go hand-in-hand. 🙂

I love meeting new people (especially when they come over to my blog)! I’m comfortable with the label of “social butterfly” placed on me by hubby. But who knew you could meet so many fantastic people just by clicking on the computer? Google, you are amazing!! I mean it! You’re incredible!

I wish I had invented you. Then maybe I’d be driving my dream car instead of the same Chevrolet Suburban I’ve been driving for the last 10 years. Oh how I love that car! But, if given another…..would jump and giggle like a little girl. ~~Thankful for my paid-for vehicle~~

I’m still learning so much about the world of blogs, websites and the such. I’m amazed at the visitor’s who show up just because they googled something that I wrote down. So cool! I’ve even been told by coworker’s that they “happened” upon my blog before (because of Google). Huh? Get out!

So, if you don’t use it. Start. Google anything. More than likeley you’ll find someone or something of interest to suck up all your valuable time. It’s only a click away! Go ahead, Google me!