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What To Wear?

Friday, April 4th, 2014

This is serious….

I'm in the midst of a challenge.  A good kind of challenge but a challenge nonetheless!  I'm going to be sitting HERE on April 30th and I need to look amazing without TRYING to look amazing.  Understand?  Forgive me if I seem shallow because I'm not.  I just feel a certain pressure to be perfectly presentable and to honor both the First Lady of Indiana and my kind host/invitee Mrs. Sandy Hageman.

This is a special day for both ladies and their team.  The First Lady has organized a wonderful charitable foundation geared towards helping hospitalized children in Indiana through art therapy.  This year's luncheon will benefit Riley's Art Therapy Initiative.  The theme "Helping Indiana's Children Bloom" is a reflection of just what the first lady has set out to do, give financially to a program that encourages children to blossom through art right here in Indiana.

The beautiful luncheon will be modeled after the annual Congressional Spouse Club's First Lady's Luncheon held each year in Washington D.C. that my friend, Mrs. Sandy Hageman works so hard to make a success.  So, to say….I am excited to be invited to sit at one of her two tables IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!

I am THRILLED!!  Me?  With them?  Wow, Lord.  I am honored!

See why I have to look amazing?  I don't want to embarrass my host or myself with the wrong dress.  I also don't want to be so glammed up that I miss the boat on what this day is about.  It's a fundraiser, not a chance to shine like a diamond.  It also begins at 10:30am and dressing accordingly is key.  It can't be too flashy or too casual but it also can't be too young.  I'm not in my 20's as I've found to be common while scrolling through my online shopping spots.  And, I'm not a granny either!  It has to be just right!

Here are a few of my considerations… far!  Trust me, I won't stop until I find the PERFECT DRESS!

Dress #1

ladys lunch 3

I'm a sucker for creamy whites (as you will soon see).  I love the businessy sweet look of this and the collar screams feminine!!  It's a little fancy with a bit of casual.  Yes?

Dress #2

Adrianna 1

This dress has it all, black & white (love)….lace, casual shape, not revealing and to the knee.  Plus, it is by one of my fave designer's — Adrianna Papel!

Dress #3

ladys lunch 5

Ok, feminine yet trendy.  Colorful (it is the end of April) and nicely shaped.  Not sexy but not boring.

Dress #4

ladys lunch 6

I like the easy look of this one and the colors make me giddy. 

Dress #5

ladys lunch 4

Simple and elegant.  A bit Eastery too.  I could use it twice!!  Score!

Dress #6

oh my

This dress is absolutely stunning!  I don't think I could blend in wearing something like this but I love it so much I could kiss it.  The only problem is that I'm not skeeny like this model and it might not look good….frumpyish!

Dress #7

adrianna 2 favorite

Can I just say that this dress has stolen my heart?  I love it!  Love the green, the lace, the length, the neckline, the shape and the designer!!  Yes, another Adrianna Papel!  That lady knows me….  If I had to buy something RIGHT NOW (which I don't) this would be the one I picked first.

Since I still have a good 2 weeks to beat the streets and scour the internet, I am not panicking!  However, I am focused!  I will not rest until I find the perfect choice for me!  And did I mention, for my budget?  laugh

Ever find yourself….wondering, WHAT TO WEAR??