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Tour de Texas

Friday, June 17th, 2016

me happy

You’ve probably heard but in case you haven’t…TEXAS IS HUGE!

Every trip we’ve taken to the great big beautiful state we’ve only stayed within a certain smallish space. Never exploring past Dallas, really.

So, when I found out hubby needed to make a June Texas trip….I convinced him to take an extra week and schedule in a vacation (that’s a sure way to MAKE HIM GO DO SOMETHING!).

We had no real agenda, just to take off and see as much of it as we could squeeze in during a week.

Where’d we go? I’m glad you asked.

jo jo

Chip & Joanna Gaines are beyond famous and the town of Waco is buzzing like a hot wire for these Fixer Upper stars!

mag store

It was blazing hot and crawling with tourists. Including us. However, we rolled in and rolled out without a hitch!

light love

In every episode of Fixer Upper, I squeal when I see JoJo’s lighting choices. I have a thing for chandy’s! This is hanging in the store and I wish I owned one just like it.

river walk

We hit the road after sweating ourselves silly and headed straight for San Antonio!

walk san ant

We made it there in time to walk the river and sight see a bit around our hotel. We stayed in the Menger Hotel right beside the Alamo. The old historical hotel was full of rich stories and even has a reputation for being haunted. I didn’t see any ghosts but I did close down the pool by being the last one out at 10 pm.

my room

hotel menger

We had a great stay there and even made a few new friends.

we heard you feed animals

They are wise to tourists, obviously.

squ bud

I mean, they enjoy a good breakfast too.


And the word is — animals KNOW who the softy is when it comes to feeding the animals at meal time. Ahem, Dad!

big ship

Next, we hit the town of Corpus Christi. This was our view at lunch on the water.


This is how Gladys & Merle try to get a selfie when they arrive at Port Aransas Beach. Just one pic, that’s all I wanted.

still elderly


got it 1


got it

Oh who cares? We made it to the very bottom of Texas and we aren’t going to let windy selfies stop us!

flip it

This is for my kids. They love their dad. They think he’s pretty close to perfect but they know one giant truth about him – HE DOES NOT WEAR FLIP-FLOPS!!! His shoes got wet inside and wouldn’t dry so he resorted to serious measures by buying a pair of flip-flops for his actual feet.

He’s more of a boot guy!


He was on vacation (that’s what I kept telling myself).

caugh a

We found a place to park our selves and hit the beach. Which is really cool! You drive out on the beach, pick your spot and claim it as yours. The only real rule I know of is no glass on the beach. Otherwise, you can party….camp….surf…fish whatever. Even, kiss!

kiss on beach

cute dad

cute d


Our last night there we went to dinner at Moby Dick’s for oysters. I had to snap these shots of my cute hubby because he ran out of shorts (somehow, he only packed 1 pair) and we had to hit Macy’s. I think I like him in yellow!

jump it

This is how I feel about my trip! It was a big wild adventure!! Time to head home to Indiana!

I have a mixed-up smushed to pieces heart because I’m leaving…..


…..behind my baby boy!

Operation Sell It

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

I told you, I'm moving!  If it kills me dead…. I am moving!  While I get it together (Ahem, make my house sell-able) over here and clean out just about every single thing we ever purchased, I may have to go on steroids.   My body hurts all over.  Nothing is left to hurt.


This is during the painting on Saturday night.  Hubby and I worked all day cleaning out the room and closet in order to claim this room as ours.  It is the master bedroom afterall.  For the last 11 years our oldest child has made it his dude cave.  All I can say to that is… was disgusting!


In his defense, he is a guy and guys usually don't give a flip what their room looks like.  Mama's, they give a flip.

I'm just about to spend my first night in THE MASTER BEDROOM of my house.  It's gorgeous in there!


I'm really excited that I was able to use many of my mother's beautiful things to finish my room off in style.  Her stainglass lamps, some of her lace pillow shams and I hope to find a home for a few more pretty pieces.

She would be so happy.  I can just see her smiling at her gift.


I know it's difficult to tell the color.  My mad camera skills aren't really that amazing.  The walls are a velvety taupe color that make the room come alive with A H H H H !!


Which is just what I was going for.  REST.  I'm not going to miss sleeping next door to the kitchen where the people who aren't paying the bills stay up cooking snacks all hours of the night.  Ya know, because they live on 3rd shift and all.

I can't wait to finish all the other rooms.  My feet, legs & back are saying otherwise.  They can wait.  But selling a house is strategic.  I don't want to miss out on an opportunity to pass my keys off to some other family….so I rest up and get back on the fix-er-upper wagon!

More work to do next weekend…