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Blogger Beware

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

….and she has a bit of ranting to do.

You have been warned!

There are just some places in blogland I cannot go.  My flesh can't handle it.  I get all tizzied up and end up mad at myself and whoever's blog it is that rubs me wrong.  Especially when it's a ministry blogger.


I'm talking to me but I can't help myself.  I have to tell you, in case no one else has said it.  Don't go where you don't feel comfortable! That includes my blog here.  I have some pretty strong opinions and I don't do a very good job of hiding them.  Mostly because it's my blog and I can write what I want to.  So I do.  But if you're out there trying to find a place to read and grow (in Christ) and the blogger is blatantly over the top with some issues that you disagree with —  Move on down the road.  It's your choice.

I just read something that pushed a few of my buttons that's why I'm all "hair on fire" as I blog today.  I know that it's impossible to always agree on issues with everyone everywhere.  However, when it comes to sin issues and Biblical standards I really try hard to stay on the path of *righteousness.  Afterall, I'm trying hard to follow Christ inside & out with my life.  I never want to mislead anyone who reads my blog or who knows me in my everyday life.  Nor do I want to throw out shocking posts just to get attention or permission to be "out there"  in my lifestyle.

What you see here….is what you get face to face.  Right, friends who know me?

So, if you are one of those folks who finds it difficult to read certain junk don't be bummed.  I do too.  There's nothing more frustrating than reading a ministry blogger who tries hard to live OF THE WORLD all while forgetting that there are others trying NOT TO LIVE that way.  You know, trying to live set apart?

Honoring God with your WHOLE LIFE is pretty important.  So, to those who blog under the guise of holiness yet blurt out garbage on a regular basis — S T O P !!!  It's people like you that confuse and distract unbelievers.  Quit spewing your ignorance and sharing all your pathetic habits in order to find acceptance and affirmation.

You're not being hands & feet…..


*righteousness — not some holier than thou stuff.  A genuine desire to follow Christ and to walk in obedience with His ways.  As Christians we are called to righteousness.