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The forecast is rain

Thursday, September 24th, 2009


I posted this picture on my Facebook status yesterday. It’s the view from my front yard. It’s not much different today. We’ve been experiencing a bit of rain here in Indiana. It’s actually a soothing welcome. We’ve had such outrageous heat!

I don’t think it will be so welcome on Friday night though. It’s football season and our team….well, they’re finally winning some games. The fans and players will not appreciate a rained out game. It’s just how we sports fanatics are, ya know? The forecast for the rest of the week and weekend? Rainy…..very wet and rainy!

Oh well……I’ll just laze around and enjoy the rest that comes with it. It makes for good snuggle weather. Maybe we can watch some movies or something. Who knows?


Or maybe I’ll just sit here…