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He’s Gonna Croak

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

On that glorious night that so many working folks dread…..SUNDAY NIGHT, THE ONE THAT WE HAD TO SPRING FORWARD?!! I couldn't sleep! Neither could my hubby because we were hostages! I know what you're thinking, we lived like we were on our old time… but that's not it. Oh, we were tired and wound up by the stress of missing an hour's rest. But something else had our attention, right under our bedroom window!!


I've shared pictures of my beloved pond by my front door, which happens to be under my bedroom window too.  I've also blogged about my love of frogs and how I WISHED THEY'D COME LIVE IN MY POND!! After my Sunday night of all-night croaking….I now want them to die!


Everytime I almost conked out, Riiiiiiibp-Riiiiiibp-Riiiiiibp! My eyes would pop right back open and I'd switch sides thinking that would help me….relax! Uhh, no chance baby! They (I'm calling them more than one) were loud and obnoxious. I'm convinced they had no idea that it was a school night let alone a day that the powers that be STOLE A WHOLE HOUR OF GOOD SLEEPING!! 

Destroy them!

I must have finally fallen asleep when I was jolted back awake by my hubby opening and closing the window.  I didn't know it at the time but he had taken the whole croaking thing quite personally and started throwing ice at them. {Like he could see them hiding in the dark!}  It didn't work!  They continued their wicked communicating until morning.

So, what to do about this?  I'm glad you asked.  Meet the Frog Zinger 1000.  You won't find these on the market, they're strictly custom-made.  Are they effective? I don't know, I decided to swig a little extra Benadryl last night in hopes for a good nights rest.  I missed any frog killing/scaring that might have gone down but from the location I found it this morning….it appears to have gone unused!


All I know, is sleep is my boyfriend and every gal knows WE LOVE OUR BOYFRIENDS!! So, if those cute little suckers keep it up…they will meet their maker by way of redneck bee-bee destroyer!  Goodnight!