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We could be friends

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

We’re strangers. Our eyes only met for five seconds. But I liked her immediately. I was chowing down on a hamburger as I sat in my warm car. I only had a little time to shop. So, I was hurrying. {Story of my life} I knew from the moment she whipped into the adjacent parking space….she wasn’t going to make it. I peeked over just to see if she was going to keep trying. That’s when we locked glances….I smiled and she smiled too. Then, she turned off her SUV and hopped out. I politely looked away.

I totally get this lady! I have a love/hate relationship with the skinny front parking space too. It’s almost impossible to pull a big rig into the dude without doing a front back rockin’ motion for the whole parking lot to enjoy. She, obviously was content with how things worked out.

Me too. Sometimes life just hands you stuff like this. What can you do? I say, “Live with it!….Move on!” Who cares that you’re leaning to one side? Next time, you’ll be ok! Learn to laugh at yourself or in my case….a stranger in the Target parking lot! 😉