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He knows best….

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

When I was pregnant with both my girls…I had no idea they were in fact girls. I had the privilege of knowing Gavin was a boy from the very get-go of my first pregnancy. He was a vision! One that could not be denied. The doctor said so anyway! πŸ™‚

I was terribly bummed not knowing the sex of my babies. It was almost too much to deal with. I had no way of planning or being prepared (except to pick up a few girl things….just in case). I just don’t get it with you surprise people…..I’m way too nosey, I suppose. Maybe it’s part of my controlling personality (yea, that’s a whole nother post!). I wanted to know, ya’ll!

But God….he had another plan. He wanted to surprise me and that he did. When Ally was born, I nearly flipped when they said she was a girl. I mean, seriously. I was so sure she was a boy. Nope, not a boy! Then, they handed her to me and I looked at her…..and instantly fell in love. She was so beautiful! Her lips were so full and everything about her was perfect. I’ll never forget that feeling. God is good!

Same thing happened 19 months later. Same hospital, same doctor…..same sex! It’s a girl! Huh? Are you kidding? Nope, here’s your baby girl. Again, so perfect and so beautiful. How is it that God just knows? I don’t know….He’s God, for goodness sakes! And I’m glad that he is.

I’ve been thinking about my blessings tonight. I really do have so many. Everything is so not perfect right now in my life. But I’m still blessed! We have many financial worries, health concerns, job stresses and even relationship strains. But, I have such joy in my heart for so many things.

My girls are one of them (or should I say 2 of them?). I can’t even describe how much I love them. I get emotional when I think of how precious they are to me. Both of them so unique. Both of them so perfect (created in God’s image perfect). He chose me to be their mom! I’m forever grateful. What a blessing they’ve been in my life. What an exciting future ahead for them and me with them. I love what they bring into my world (sometimes, I want to make them go to bed and stay there). They aren’t afraid to love or live. I wish I could say…that I’ve helped them be the young women they are. But I know … was only through God that anything good has come. I’m human. With….flaws!

Just ask them! πŸ™‚

I want my girls to know their value to me. I’ve tried to show them and love them like God would have me to. But I know that I fall short somedays. I make mistakes and flub up. Someday they’re going to be wives & moms themselves. I pray they are devoted and loving…..and happy. But more than any of those things…I pray they are His. Completely souled out to the God who gave them to me so long ago.

I look at the children you gave me and I’m in awe. Your workmanship and creativity goes beyond what my mind can understand. I love everything about my children. Thank you for sharing them with me.