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Dog LIFE Lessons

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012


My dog is a thief!  Don't let that innocent face fool you, she steals.  She drags crazy stuff home all the time.  I didn't teach her to do it and I certainly don't encourage it.  She's good at it, too.  Right this minute, she's outside chewing up a meaty bone that she swiped from a neighbor dog.  Why they play with her is beyond me.  She's got the whole neighborhood wrapped around her mixed breed paw!

She's a dog!  Dog's are always hungry, always happy and always ready to follow you anywhere!  I can't help but compare that way of living to my own as a friend, wife & mother.  Am I willing to put all the frustrations of the world to the side and be happy & loving?  Not usually.  I'm quick to turn grumpy and easily put out if something doesn't go my way.  I've never met a jerky dog, have you?

In honor of Gracie and her funloving personality….I've thought up some lessons for you and me.  Take em' or leave em'…they have good attitude written all over them!

Dog LIFE lessons

If you want something wonderful….go get it!   (Uhh, not encouraging stealing..y'all)

If you love someone….show them, every time you see them!  (wagging tail optional)

Be happy….even when life gets stressful!  (throw the frisbee when life bogs you down)

Remain loyal….not just when things are going your way!  (nobody messes with___)


I've got to tell you about something amazing that happened in my prayer time this morning.  I had a really crummy attitude yesterday about a certain person I was praying for.  This morning, God put new words in my heart.  I couldn't think of one unkind thing to confess about them.  Every word that came to my mind was filled with building that person up.  I was shocked at my own prayers.  I praised God for giving me a sweet spirit and went ahead beating down heaven's doors in that person's honor.  IT FELT INCREDIBLE!!!

Isn't it amazing how God can change our hearts?  If we just let him…