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In the South

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

I'm always at home when I'm in the south.  No matter how you slice it, the people are special!  Hubby and I had to make a Target run (while on our Alabama vacay) and no matter where I turned….someone smiled warmly at me and spoke.  Strangers.

I miss hospitality.

Staying with old friends on your vacation (all in one house) can be tricky.  If you're weird about being seen "not looking your best" this set-up won't work.  But if you're like family….all is cool.

No one judges appearances in real friendships.

Great big magnolia trees (as old as your granny) towering overhead remind me just how beautiful life is in the dirty south.  I used to decorate my whole house with them.  I'd clip them off the branches and place them everywhere.  They last forever…even if I spray painted them gold.

I've always been a steel magnolia, at heart.

Competitions among friends aren't always a good thing….unless it's a killer game of ping-pong!  Stuff might get knocked over but the memories wedge themselves deep into hearts and remind you friends are there to help you grow.

Two hearts are better than one.

Food always tastes better in the south.  Anyone who cooks understands this.  Sweet tea isn't just a way of poking fun of southerners.  It's really a must-have when washing down hearty meals like chili-dogs!  Real chili–meat & beans.  No noodles involved.

We had spinach dip too.  Well-rounded meal, indeed. Oh and HOT Krispy Kreme's for breakfast.

Okay, I'll just say it… we are living the good life.  A week of vacation was just what we needed.  Time away helps the brain and body to recup.  Doing it in the south…is just a bonus!

Wish I could stay just a little longer.