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Mama Loves Jesus

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

I decided a long time ago that I wanted a different life for my own kids.  I didn't have an example of what the christian life looked like while growing up.  I was confused and unsure about most things "churchy".  After my first taste of a church family as a middle school kid, I knew that was the life for me.

I trusted God would make a way for me in spite of my abusive and toxic homelife.  When I met my hubby in 1989, I had no idea that he was part of the big plan God was constructing to bless me forever.  I almost flipped when he told me that his dad was a Baptist minister.  I felt like I was finally safe (sounds weird, I'm sure) and I knew that with him I could be everything God wanted me to be.

I didn't have to keep my faith a secret.  I could be who I really wanted to be, a Christian.  Little did I know, God would send us both on a journey of faith following that would impact our whole family….forever.

One of the greatest challenges?  Being a Godly mother!  I knew that I wanted to train my kids up with the love and forgiveness of Christ.  Something that was foreign to me while growing up.  So, I set out with a purpose every single day.  I lived my faith outloud in front of my kids.  When I fell short (which happened, regularly) I had the courage to admit it and ask for forgiveness.

I had no idea what the final outcome would be for my kids.  Would they love Jesus when they were old enough to live outside of my rules?  Would they choose to follow His ways instead of peers or what's popular?  Would they reflect back on my "worst of days" and make a decision to turn from God?  Honestly, I didn't know what they would choose?  I just kept praying…..

I can only attest for what God has done within my own family.  I'm not a mother expert or a model Christian citizen.  I'm just a mom that purposefully lived her faith everyday in front of her kids.  They made decisions and still do today that I believe are extensions of the life they've grown up knowing.  If you've ever wondered if you're making a difference in your kids lives….take heart!

They are watching.  They are hoping you make the hard choices to do the tough things.  They want you to be different (forget about weird, you will always be that anyway).  When you and I live for Christ in front of our kids–we enable them to be confident in who they are as His children too.

I never wanted my kids to be ashamed of God.  I knew firsthand what that felt like.  It was frustrating!  I couldn't be open about my relationship with Jesus in front of my mom, she would ridicule me and remind me I wasn't good enough to think such a thing.  God blessed me time after time through my own children by using them to impact others.  Each of them strong & courageous with WHO THEY WERE IN CHRIST!

Wow, God!  Thank you.

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I'm just an ordinary mom serving an extraordinary God.  Thank you for using me to influence my kids.  It hasn't always been easy but because of YOU…I know they are people of character.  Bless them and guide them as they make real life decisions at this time in their lives and continue to use their dad & I…however you see fit.