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5 Worth It (to me) Money Splurges

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

I’m probably one of the thriftiest people I know. I hate wasting money! I do a pretty good job of setting goals for things I really want and I try very hard to live within my means. Which isn’t hard to do when your budget is scrimpy. However, there are some things…. I will spend my money on (if I have it).

I do not have a closet full of Louboutin slinky high heels. Mostly because I DON’T need them. Truthfully, I don’t want them either. I do have real leather shoes and quality name-brand shoes that I swear by. My feet are precious little doggies and they deserve to be treated fairly (just like all the other dogs out there!).

I know, I talk about good sheets a lot here. I mean what I say. Good sheets are worth the danged money! If you love sleep and can do it without slithering around on soft sheets – go for it. I will spend the money and slide into perfect comfort every night. Bedtime is a highlight in my world. Oh, and I have THE BEST BED TOO. Who buys crappy beds? Who are you people?

I spent many years doing my own hair. I was “that” frugal and it worked for that time in my life. I’m over it now and I wouldn’t bother trying to do my own hair again for anything! I’m a big girl now with wisdom that can only come from years of experience. My experience tells me to trust someone else enough to pay them money (even if it’s a little costly) to do my hair. I’ve been so much happier since handing over the Clairol coloring bottle.

I dilly dally in all sorts of makeup brands, except for a few pieces. I do not fool around with foundation or moisturizers. I buy what I know works and the two I love most cost half a hundy each! That’s not so bad, really. I’ve used cheaper stuff when in a pinch but nothing compares to the good stuff. I can tell a difference in products … I like the finer things, okay?

I don’t care if it’s economical, I like big wheels. I feel safe in bigger heavier cars/SUVs. I like all the extra room, the ease of carrying more than 4-5 passengers and the space to drag home big items that I find out and about. I prefer 4WD because…..Indiana?! Also, vacations are so much more fun in a big rig than they are crammed in a little scrawny put-put car.

(Sorry about that, Kids)

I know my list really isn’t extravagant. There are many other indulgences that a girl could waste her money on. These are just the ones that I stand by and declare that I will save in other areas to have what I want in these 5!

What are your splurges? What will you spend the extra money to buy because it’s your favorite?

Oops! I forgot I have one more item that I will always splurge for – purses!
Real leather, high quality purses! I may have a tender weak spot here. Cheap purses are not my thing. Call me snobby, I don’t care.


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