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31 Days To A Positive Attitude (Day 1)

Monday, October 1st, 2012



Positive Words


Every word spoken has power.  What you and I say to ourselves and other's carries weight.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, the mind is a battlefield.  The words we use come directly from our brain.  If I'm hashing & rehashing negative garb over in my mind…clearly, that's what's likely to come out.

So, how…how do we keep our words positive?  

1 — Stop complaining!  Often our first response to life's disappointments is to whine and complain.  Don't!  It's a destructive way of thinking and behaving.  Complaining affects everything, especially our prayer lives.  If you and I can't even pray without griping there is no way the everyday conversations we're having are positive.  Say no to complaining!

2 —  Know your weaknesses!  If you're a person that is affected negatively by something in your life, get rid of it.  Stay away from the basement people & things that threaten to pull you down.  Bad habits, angry relationships, jealousies, stressful situations…all of it, avoid participating.  You'll be surprised just how much energy these things suck from you and turn your attitude sour.

3 — Tame your tongue!  Psalm 34:13 says, "Keep your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking deceit".  In the book of James, the writer tells how the tongue is a little member but it boasts great things.  It's like a fire and it defiles the whole body.  Everything we say that is mean or unkind, wounds & destroys. It takes practice and the best way to do that is BITE YOUR TONGUE when you start to speak out of line.  Not kidding!

I knew I'd be facing difficulty as soon as I hit publish on my 31 days topic.  Throughout my writing this post, I was surrounded by excited girls watching the season opener of the tv show, Revenge.  But, I pressed on.  Afterall, I didn't want to miss the show either.  At the same time, my youngest daughter was baking chocolate chip scones as a treat.  The timer kept going off and the show put on pause…over & over.  By the time the show was over, half of the scones were a lot little browned.  When I saw them laying there on the pan my eyes and mouth spoke at the same time—>they're burnt!

Later, as I was in the bathroom…I could hear my baking girl talking with her dad in the kitchen.  He saw her scones on the pan too.  He said, "Those look good!".  Immediately, she responded with, Mom says they're burnt!  Ouch!  While I didn't mean to hurt her with my words, I did.  Oh how I wished I could've bit my tongue on that one.  My one little line of words hit like a ton of bricks on my sweet girls heart.  Day 1 lesson for me?  Zip it, Queenie and apologize to the cook…asap!

Looking for some great resources to help curb your negative vocabulary?  Try this.

Change Your Words, Change Your Life by Joyce Meyer.

 Positive words build us up.

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