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One Thing Is Sure

Friday, July 8th, 2016

my tex

Our country is broken.

As hate pulses through every gaping hole in this land – there is one thing that’s for sure, God sees us and loves us still. Pointing fingers, placing blame and pushing agendas will not heal this nation.

Neither will vengeance.

re venge

I found myself in a world of confusion and hurt yesterday that lingered over me like a dark heavy cloud. I fought with my emotions throughout the day, switching back and forth with wishing KARMA would step in and falling into a pit of helplessness. Then, God would gently nudge me back in the right direction snapping me out of my lack of faith thinking.

Do you ever feel like there’s no way out of your difficult situation?

be faith full

There isn’t a single thing happening in your world or mine that God doesn’t already know about. Even the troubling parts that sneak up on us without warning. He knows and He has a plan.

find the bless

The human heart is the carrier of all that is either good or bad inside each of us. The sad news is that our flesh is naturally inclined towards bad. Think: Dallas. Every person has the capacity to turn ugly in troubling situations. While not everyone grabs a gun and takes matters into their own hands – some of us pick and play with the wounds of our lives until they fester into a giant infected sore of unforgiveness that poisons us and ultimately destroys all our joy.

I don’t know about you…..but I need Jesus to keep me on track.


I’m trusting you. Heal this land, heal my heart and fill me with a love like yours. I can’t move forward in my own power – I need your power and grace and mercy.